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Friday, June 14, 2019


How To Wake Up Early In The Morning?

How many times did it happened to you, that you tried to develop the habit of waking up early but after maximum 2 or 3 days you were unable to continue it? Maybe 4 times, 5 times, OK 10 times? It has happened to me more than 50 times. But now without any kind of alarm clock, everyday around 5:00 am I wake up automatically. So, at last exactly what have I done, so that I became able to develop this habit? This is what I'm going to share with you in this Blog.

How To Wake Up Early In The Morning
How To Wake Up Early In The Morning

Before we start, let me tell you something, just like you I had also tried 50 different tricks and techniques, putting the alarm clock away from the bed or gradually waking up 15 min early. But the fact is just like you for me it was also of no use. The problems with these tricks are that they make sense with the logic when we are awake and conscious. But when we are sleeping we lose our consciousness. We lose the ability to process any logic. Then the only thing that remains active is our subconscious Mind.
So, if you really want to wake up early in the morning, then from my personal experience I can tell you there is only one way, you have access your subconscious mind. If I tell it a little bit technically, that is you have to hack your subconscious mind.
Let's take an example of two different days, suppose the day when you go on a trip with your friends and you need to catch the express train at 4 am, then on that day  do you need any kind of alarm clock?
First of all you stay awake up to 1 or 2 am due to the excitement, then after that if you sleep still you wake up long before 5 am without any alarm clock.
On the other side, on those days when you know that tomorrow is a holiday, smashing  the snooze button more than fifty times still you don't wake up. If you observe a little deeply the difference between these two days only, you can also understand what's going on here.
Let me help you to figure it out by pointing out the differences.
In first case, I mean in case of going on a trip with friends, before you go to sleep an excitement on inside you, about the next morning.
Whereas in the second case, I mean in case of holidays, boringness goes inside you. You want to wake up a little bit late so that you can sleep more. And also, the things you will be doing in case of first day are meaningful and exciting to you. But in case of second day, the things you will be doing on the next day morning are boring and meaningless to you. From which sleeping is far more relaxing and enjoying. So, as your subconscious mind gets instructed by you, it just does work accordingly. If you don't want to wake up from inside, it helps you not to wake up but if you really want to wake up from inside, it helps you to wake up even without any kind of alarm clock. So, we can understand from here that there are mainly two factors:

1) What do you think about the next day morning before going to bed?
2) What will you do on the next day morning?
How To Wake Up Early In The Morning
How To Wake Up Early In The Morning

Now it is possible to go on a trip with friends by express rain on everyday morning. So what is the solution? The solution I'm going to explain with my own story . I hope after reading to my story, you will be able to find the one for yourself.
So, first let me tell you. what I exactly think about the next morning before I go to sleep. I used to think about what are works for my Blogs I am going to on the next day morning, Ok I have to write that content, the editing has to be done.
I know I can't be late at these things and also if I don't write blogs in the early morning there will be much ore disturbance. Now, more than thousand people wait for our blogs, if they love us so much, so it is our duty to make sure they don't get upset. So, I will always try my best thing to offer to them. Thinking about all these things slowly I fell a sleep and these things create an excitement inside me for the next morning. Now the next thing is what do I do in the next day morning?
I used to start my morning with blogs works. Because this is what most important and most meaningful work in my life an also I enjoy it doing a lot. So, I start my morning in a very enjoyable manner and that serves as a reward for me. And these two things help me to wake up at around 5:00 am without any kind of alarm clock. 

I hope now you can find the solution for you by yourself. Choose any work that you really want to do on a daily basis but you are unable to do it just because of lack of time or energy. It can be playing guitar or even cooking also. If you wake up early, you will get a lot of free time and also after a good night sleeps your energy will be also full.
So, just by waking up early you can meet both the crisis of time and energy. And believe me, it will bring much more excitement and happiness in your life, But you have to sacrifice two things for this, Doing meaningless chatting or watching movies or TV series by staying up late at night Every night before 10 pm you have to switch off or silent all the electronic gadgets and out them aside. By regularly waking up early in the morning for the past 6 months, the benefits that I am observing from that experience now it is truly clear to me that why Benjamin Franklin the president of America once said 
"Early to bed Early to rise, makes a Man Healthy and Wise" 
At last a little request to you if you truly got some inspiration from this story then please share it with your friends and loved ones, especially to those who are struggling to create this habit of waking up early because by sharing you can also inspire someone else.
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Thursday, June 13, 2019


Eminem Success Story 

If we talk about English rap songs with our friends, then the first name that pops up into our head is no one but all of us favorite Marshall Bruce Mather III or whom we know EMINEM.

Eminem Success Story
Eminem Success Story

In 17 October, 1972 he was born in a poor middle class family in Saint Joseph Missouri city of America. His father left him in his childhood and his mother was a drug addict. In search for job they have to travel to different cities. As there was no contact with his father, many often EMINEM used to ask his mom about his dad, also he wrote many letters addressing his dad. But his father always sent those letters back to him without even reading it.
After few years they settled in Detroit Michigan city, where mostly, the black African and black American people used to live. EMINEM also got admitted to a school there but as in his school he was the only white guys, so he had to face many torture from his school mates. Once a senior girl in his school named DeAngelo Bailey beated Eminem so badly, that he was in coma for a week. Later EMINEM composed a song based on this incident, and he named the song "BRAIN DAMAGE"
DeAngelo claimed to be defamed by the song and filed a case i the court against EMINEM demanding 1 million dollar. Although she couldn't won the case. In 1999, even EMINEM's own mother filed a case in the court against Eminem because of defaming his mother and demanded 10 million dollar.  In his childhood Eminem's uncle Roni gifted him a music cd, after listening to that music cd his interest in his hip hop music and rap song tarted to grow. 
As he had no friend in his school, most of the time he used to discuss about the song and music with his uncle. But this happiness  also did not stay in his life for long. Five years later due to some personal problem his uncle Roni committed suicide. He could never accept his uncle's suicide. He used to lock him in a room whole day and he was completely mentally depressed. EMINEM's education career was also not good at all. After failing 3 times in 9th standard, he dropped out from his school. After that he started doing various kinds of works, starting cooking in a restrauant washing dishes. Also he used to work as a driver to bear his expenses. While doing all these works, whenever he got chance, he loved to entertain people with his rap song. 
After few years he got married, and in 25th December, 1955 his baby girl was born. After the birth of his baby girl, he started to work every hard. So, that the struggle he had to face in his childhood, should never be faced by his child. After that he launched his first album " Infinite" by spending all of his savings. But all album became flop. So he lost all his savings . Just before 5 days of Christmas, he came to know that he had been fired from his work place. At that time he had not even enough money to buy a birthday gift to his baby girl. All he had at that time was 40 dollar check. After that his wife asked him for a divorce and decided to take his child away from him. Even she stopped allowing Eminem to see talk to his child. As he was completely broken down, Eminem tried to commit suicide by getting overdosed by drugs. But here also he failed. After escaping from a near death, Eminem realized that what would happen to his child if he had died. How would she survive?

No. 1 Rapper In World.
No. 1 Rapper In The World

 Right after that he understood the importance of his living and he completely focused on rap. In 1997 he participated in a rap competition in Los Angeles, which had become the biggest turning point in his life. He stood 2nd in that rap competition. Listening to his rap, one of the famous rap artist at that time Dr. Dre was so impressed that he decided to work with Eminem. In 1999 they make the slim shady album together and within a few days the album became very much popular. people started to love Eminem's rap songs. Within few years his son rap God Marshall Mather became so much popular. The song entered in the Guinness book of world record because in that song Eminem said 4.28 words/second. He loose yourself song won the academy award and In total he had won 15 Grammy awards. 
Today Eminem Is known as the No 1 rapper in the world.  And today his net worth is 190  million dollar which is equal to 1291 crore rupees .
So at last let's sum up what we can learn from our favorite rapper Eminem's life story, 

  • No matter how difficult the situation is, we should never give up.
Life is just like a coin , where success is exactly the opposite side of struggle 
  • When a person clearly understands the reason for living, only then one's life becomes meaningful. 
Aimless life is similar to death.

As always I would to like to finish this blog with on of my favorite quote said by him :
" The truth is you don't know what is going to happen tomorrow, life is a crazy ride, and nothing is guaranteed."
At last a little request to you if you truly got some inspiration from this story then please share it with your friends and loved ones, because by sharing you can also inspire someone else.
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Tuesday, June 11, 2019

When a group of friends visit KFC for the first time there will be for sure someone in the group who will ask the question Hey "Who's this old man, why his picture is everywhere!"
So, today lets know some of the unbelievable fact about that old man:
Colonel Harland David Sanders Biography, Founder of KFC
Colonel Harland David Sanders Biography

Age can never be an obstacle in the way to success. The life story of Colonel Sanders who may known as the KFC's old guy is the perfect example of that. He was born on 9 September 1890 in Henryville, Indiana. At the age of 5 he lost his father after the death of his father the financial condition of his family became very poor. Also he had to take care of younger brother and sister.
So, at the age of 16 he left his school. After the second marriage of his mother his stepfather's bad behavior forced him to left his house. Then within 1 year he was fired from 4 companies. After that in 1906 he went to his uncle's house to stay there for some days. His uncle was working in a company named "Street Cars" and so he got a job of a conductor through his uncle preference. At the age of 18 Harland got married but his married life was also not good. At the age of 20 just after 2 years of his marriage his wife demanded for a divorce and decide to live separately with their children. 
At the age of 22 he joined the army but from their also he was fired. After that he applied for admission in a Law School and here also he was rejected. 
Then starting from selling insurance and credit cards to Tyre of different cars he tried many different small businesses but not for a single time he was succeed. In 1929 he went to Cordon city and opened the gas station. Beside that gas station he setup his own small stall and started to sell there some new kind of fried chicken made by his own unique recipe. People started to love these fried chicken.

After getting so many positive responses first time in his life he decide to increase his restaurant business. He completed his 8 weeks course on Hotel Management from Cornell University. But here again failure hitting hard in life. Due to construction of a high weight he had to close his restaurant as per the government order. After that he decide to work as a chef in a cafe. At the age of 65 when he retired from that cafe only a 105$ cheque was given to him which was just a few month expenditure of any person at that time. He was mentally completely broken down and admitted to suicide for several time. Although he was failed in every aspect of his life but he never lose hope on his own unique recipe and that inspired him to fight for success even at the age of 65. He went off with his unique recipe and a pressure cooker to do marketing of his unique recipe. He wen to different restaurant and told them about his fried chicken but everyone rejected him. After being rejected from 1009 restaurant. Finally one restaurant owner decide to give him a chance and from that day onward he was never ever rejected. Although in his whole life he was a failure but his faith on his unique recipe let him overcome from all those struggles and finally helped him to reach the peak of success.
He had only 2 rules in his life:
  1. Try to do everything that is possible by you.
  2. Try to give your best in everything.

Because he believed that is the only way to reach something bigger in life.
Eventually his unique recipe started to spread his empire in different countries .
At the age of 88 he became millionaire.
Today KFC and Kentucky fried chicken is on more than 188 different countries all over the world. In 1980 at the age of 90 years old colonel dies to to pneumonia.

 At the end I want to finish this blog with his one of my favorite quote 
"One has to remember that every failure can be a stepping stone to something better." 
At last a little request to you if you truly got some inspiration from this story then please share it with your friends and loved ones, because by sharing you can also inspire someone else.
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Monday, June 10, 2019


Steve Jobs Biography | Steve Jobs Success Story 

"The only way to do great work is to love what you do"
This is what Steve Jobs used to believe. He was born on 24th February 1955 in California. As his biological mother was unmarried, the baby was adapted by another couple Paul Jobs and Clara Jobs.
And that adapted child is the co founder of America's one of the richest company Apple
steve jobs biography, steve jobs success story
Steve Jobs Biography

Steve was admitted in a famous college of California but the fees of the college couldn't be borne by his family. To provide the fees of the college his surrogate parents had to spend all the money from their savings. So, seeing this condition Steve decided to dropout from college. By returning the used bottle of cold drinks to the shop in exchange of foods, his struggle period was started.
He used to go to the Hare Krishna temple by walking 7 km on every Sunday to get a one good free meal. Then he had no own place to stay, so he had to spend nights at his friend's room.

Though his decision to dropout from college was not easy for him, it was a turning point of his life.
As there was no pressure from college, he used to spend whole time focusing on his business ideas.
He started to build Macintosh operating system along with one of his school friend at his father's old garage and at that time the knowledge of Calligraphy which he had learned in his school days, helped him a lot. To sell the software he tried to startup a new computer company named "Apple" but for lack of money at that time it was not possible. But after this at the age of 20 he successfully started a company named "Apple". After few years the company started to grow at a rapid pace. At the age of 30, noticing the growth of the company Steve decided to recruit a talented person in his company thinking that it will further enhance the progress of that company.
But though at that starting years everything went well, but later on clashes in thinking pattern of Steve and that person started to appear more and more. And sooner it started to affect the growth of the company. At that time, Steve had to face the most difficult time of his life.
Apple Inc

In a meeting of board of directors, the board members decided to fire Steve from his own company. After this incident he was totally mentally broken down and depressed. He never imagined that someday he would be fired from his own-established company. The news spread everywhere.. Though he was mentally broken, his love for his work was still same and that encouraged him to start from the beginning again. After leaving apple, he established  new company in between 5 years named "Next". Just not that he also started another company named "Pixar" which drove him to a huge success.

Must Read Motivational Book (Biography Of Steve Jobs):

On the other side the growth of apple started to fall day by day after he left the company  And the most important thing is that apple decided to buy "Next" to stay hold on to their position in the market.
 And Steve jobs again came back to apple, the company he started. According to Steve, these things would never be possible if he had not been fired from apple.
After some years, a tumor was diagnosed in his pancreas. Doctors told him that it is one type of cancer which is not curable and he would die within a few months.
But he never lose hope. After this a biopsy was done it was found that his cancer was actually curable. He experienced death very closely but after the surgery he came back home well.
Steve Jobs said 
" I am going to die soon this thought helped me most to take a big decisions in my life" 

But at the age of 56 Steve jobs died off that cancer. In 2005 in his Stanford commencement speech he emphasized one line to all the graduate students 
"Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish".

At last I want to end this Blog with one of my favorite quote said by him:
"Your Time is Limited, So Don't Waste It Living Someone Else's Life."

At last a little request to you if you truly got some inspiration from this story then please share it with your friends and loved ones, because by sharing you can also inspire someone else.
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Thursday, June 6, 2019

If you start your day with a genuine "THANK YOU" You'll most likely end your day with many more things to say "THANK YOU" for. Almost everything you do for a moment you wake up is a habit.
HABITS formed from your past, HABITS formed, by your consistent application (good or bad).
What Habits Do You Want To Create?
And what habits do you need to ELIMINATE. What habits will you lead to create a better life?
What habits will lead to your BEST LIFE?
Here's some common morning habits of the most successful and most fulfilled people in the world:
Morning Habits That Will Transform Your MInd
Morning Habits
  • Exercise
  • Gratitude
  • Journaling
  • Meditation
  • Cold-Showers
  • Correct-Nutrition
  • Breathing Exercises
  • Affirmations
Must Read Book:-
It all comes down to self- discipline. It's easier to pick up your phone and scroll social-media but is that going to lead you to happiness? Probably NOT
It's much harder initially to practice self discipline but that is what leads to an easier life in the long term.
How do you want to feel? 
If you want to feel great,  if you want to feel happy and positive do the things that happy and positive people do. 
Practice Deep Gratitude, Meditate, Exercise, Affirmations whatever works for you. Do it daily and create the habit of positive action. It will not take long before your quality of life starts to improve. See there's a common misconception that habits are formed in only 21 days.
but science shows the number is more like a minimum of 66 days to form lasting or life-long habits.
Are you willing to commit to a minimum of 66 days, in order to change your quality of life FOREVER?

Sounds like pretty fair math to me. Think forward to 1 year, 5 years in the future...
How do you want to be living? Would the consistent emotions you currently experience be acceptable to you if they remained the same?
Is there better waiting for you?
Are you committed to do that daily work?

According to a recent study by the World Health Organization, around 121 million people worldwide
suffer form depression.

Shockingly, the percentage of depression is highest among high income countries like the USA, France, Australia. The truth is, the quality of our lives is not determined by where we live, how much money we earn, or the events and circumstances of our life.
The quality of our lives, is merely the quality of our perspective. the quality of our lives, is determined by the quality of our perspective. 
How we see the world IS OUR WORLD. 
Whatever we choose to see, will shape who we will be.
Whatever you choose to do consistently will shape how you feel and how you feel, of course will determine the quality of your life. It makes sense then, to choose positive habits every morning that will ensure you are in a better mindset throughout the day.
A mindset capable of responding positively to challenging people and challenging events.
A mind state that can react calmly, with presence and peace to all situations. Start your day feeling blessed, feeling blessed by thinking about all the things that ARE GREAT in your life.
Start Your day in peace.
really feel that peace and calm, by practicing meditation. 
Start your day with purpose.
Purpose from writing and reviewing your goals and mission for the day, and your life.
Start your day strong by getting in some exercise.
Start your day with positive habits 
that will..ABSOLUTELY create a POSITIVE MIND...and of course a positive life.
THANK YOU FOR EVERY OPPORTUNITY TODAY to experience LOVE to experience closeness.

Thank your for every opportunity to be a positive influence today
Thank you for every opportunity to smile, to laugh, to be free from judgement and be my true self today. 


At last a little request to you, if you found this blog useful then please share it with your friends.
Because by sharing, you can help to change someone else's life.
Thanks For Reading.....